Workout from 7-10-2012 (Tim’s Evening Workout)

1 Mile – Elliptical – 9:11 *PR*


10 x Leg Press – 360lbs


5 x Leg Press – 460lbs
5 x Leg Press – 510lbs
5 x Leg Press – 560lbs
5 x Leg Press – 610lbs
5 x Leg Press – 650lbs *PR*

‘Run, Deadlift, Burpee’
1 x Run – 400.0m
9 x Deadlift – 115lb
9 x Burpee
15 x Deadlift – 115lb
15 x Burpee
21 x Deadlift – 115lb
21 x Burpee
1 x Run – 400.0m
Time: 18:43

     Killer workout tonight, it felt really good to get the workout in.  The run, deadlift, burpee part I did with Thomas, and it was really great to be able to do the same workout as him.  2 PR’s tonight as well so that made me happy.  I am getting closer to sub 9 minutes on the elliptical.  Also 650lbs on the leg press very awesome!  Going to be sore tomorrow.





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