20 – Traveling for the Holidays can wreak havoc on your goals

Are you traveling for the holidays, or just staying home… We go over how the holidays can wreak havoc on your goals.  Plus we learn over 50% of the time you should not be listen to Dr. Oz for health.  All this and more on this weeks Podcast! Happy Holidays.

12 – NAKED, Michelle Obama, and Passion

NAKED, Michelle Obama, and Passion. All this and more on this weeks Podcast with Thomas, Coty, Tim, and Sarah!



Breakfast: No breakfast as I was running late for chuch
Lunch: Leftover Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast with Green Beans
Dinner: Boneless Pork Chop and Sweet Corn.


Day 12 – Busy day but fun day. With church, helping a buddy out, taking my walk at the park, recording a podcast, and entertaining friends I was still able to eat right and feel great about it. I started the fitbit program 5 1/2 weeks ago and Clean eating October 1st have lost 30 pounds. This program really does work and is not that hard and with the right dedication and motivation to walk anyone can do it. Thank you to Thomas, Coty, and Sarah for being huge supporters of mine.

11 – Updates on the Challenge plus special guest Sarah!

On this podcast we go over updates from the Food Challenge, plus we have a special guest in for Coty this week Sarah.  She talks about her experience in the gym, plus give a great female voice to different topics.  All this and more on this weeks Podcast!