11 – Updates on the Challenge plus special guest Sarah!

On this podcast we go over updates from the Food Challenge, plus we have a special guest in for Coty this week Sarah.  She talks about her experience in the gym, plus give a great female voice to different topics.  All this and more on this weeks Podcast!

10 – Challenge and Music going strong!

In this fast podcast Thomas, Coty and Tim go over the Challenge they have started for October. We also go over the music we like to listen to while working out. All this and more on this weeks podcast!

08 – Working out at home it is easy!

On this episode we talk about working out at home and how easy it can be.  We go over different ways along with goals you can set for yourself out of your house.  All that plus more!

07 – Speed Walker vs. Speed Racer

In this Podcast Tim goes over his new gadget “Fitbit” and how it is helping him reach his goals of fitness and health. Thomas and Coty go over the difference between Working out vs. Training.  All of this plus lots more on this Podcast!

05 – Gorilla testosterone and Shark DNA – Recovery

On today’s show we talk about recovery after a workout and how that applies to you.  We come over how important it is to cool down, get a good night sleep, and eat right. We talk about our goals and hear what Coty has to say about icing his ankle. All of this on  this weeks podcast!