Workout from 6-4-2012


8 minute treadmill

Set 1

250 meter Row as fast as you can
5 Burpees Five Times

Repeat 3 times


Set 2

8 Leg Press (1st time 350lbs, 2nd time 370lbs, 3rd time 440lbs, 4th time 490lbs)
12 Slamball Ball Slams


Repeat 4 times


Set 3

8 Dumbbell Bench ((Tim 1st time 30lbs, 2nd time 35lbs, 3rd time 40lbs, 4th time 45lbs)DanĀ 1st time 35lbs, 2nd time 40lbs, 3rd time 45lbs, 4th time 50lbs)
12 LAT Pull down (1st time 90lbs, 2nd time 97.5lbs, 3rd time 105lbs, 4th time 110lbs)


Repeat 4 times


Set 4

10 Weight Back Squats (1st time 75lbs, 2nd time 85lbs, 3rd time 95lbs, 4th time 105lbs)
16 Foward and Sideways Dumbbell Lifts


Repeat 4 times


Total workout time 1 hour 15 minute




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