Workout from 7-2-2012


Treadmill 15 minutes

10 Push Ups
10 Squats
10 Ball Slams

Repeat above 3 items 3 times non stop




Set 1
30 second Wall Sit
12 Tricep Pull (87lbs, 96lbs, 105lbs)
12 Forward Lateral Raises (15lbs)

Repeat 4 times

 Set 2

12 LAT Pulldown (90lbs, 97.5lbs, 105lbs, 110lbs)
30 second Planks
12 One Arm Dumbbell Lifts (12 each arm)

Repeat 4 times

 Set 3

Leg Press (350lbs, 400lbs, 450lbs)
12 Ball Slams (20lbs)
20 Kettel Bell Swings (35lbs)

Repeat 3 times

 Set 4

5 minute Treadmill, 5 minute Elliptical (Dan)
9:38 minute Elliptical (1 mile) (Tim)


Total workout time 1 hour 10 minutes


Tim’s Workout notes:

     Monday Monday, with staying active over the weekend Monday came easy today for me. I did pull something in my left arm and need to rest and ice it for a little while. I have also set the next goal for the month of July. I set a very moderate goal of 7lbs off with more being a plus. I did hit a PR on the Elliptical of 9:38 for a mile. That bests me by 24 seconds. I am still not happy with my intensity in the fitness room and need to get my breathing in better control. All an all an OK day.




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