Workout from 6-15-2012


Treadmill 10:00 minutes Hard

10 Push Ups
10 Squats
10 Ball Slams

Repeat above 3 items 3 times non stop




Set 1

Seated Row (97.5lbs 1st, 105lbs 2nd, 110lbs 3rd, 117.5lbs 4th)
LAT Pulldown (90lbs 1st 97.5lbs 2nd, 105lbs 3rd, 110lbs 4th)
Tricep Pull (87lbs 1st, 96lbs, 2nd/3rd/4th)

Repeat 15/12/9/6



Set 2

Bench Press (75lbs 1st, 85lbs 2nd, 95lbs 3rd, 105lbs 4th)
Kettlebell Lifts (40lbs)
Ball Slam (20lbs)

Repeat 15/12/9/6



Set 3

Leg Press “Repeat 15/12/9/6” (350lbs 1st, 400lbs 2nd, 450lbs 3rd, 500lbs 4th)
Bar Bell Curls “Repeat 12/12/12/12” (45lbs 1st, 50lbs 2nd, 55lbs 3rd, 60lbs 4th)
30 second wall sits

Repeat 15/15/15



Set 4

10 minute Elliptical (Dan) every 2 minutes go fast 30 second fast

7 minute Treadmill (Tim) every 1 minute jog 30 second fast


Total workout time 1 hour 20 minutes

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