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I need to hear it…

Why is it so important to here I Love You… Maybe it was from my up bringing where you never heard it much.  I love my parents very much and I know they love me, but when was the last time we said it to one another?

Sure I have said I love you to friends or other people, but it is just the “hey man love you as a friend.  Thanks for hanging out today.”

I the last time I really said I love you to someone and meant it would have been Ashley… Man I was so dumb to lose that friendship or try to date her.  That was such a deep level.

Tonight I was hanging with Bobby (Best friend if you read previous posts) and I was just thinking man I wish knew what he was thinking. Does he value the friendship like I do? Stupid questions I know, but still questions I had. I even left early tonight from the bar because my head would not shut up.

Maybe I am being selfish and just want to hear it.  I want someone to say to me, “hey Tim you know I care about you, and really enjoy when we spend time together.”

I just need to feel the love… I want to feel needed and valued. “Does this go back to my self loneliness?” I am not really sure but damn I feel like something is missing.

Life should not be this hard right? I think I make it harder on myself. I try to think about what people think of me. I feel most people think I am a dumb ass, or just that friend that is there when no one else wanted to do anything.




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