27 – Spring is here, so lets getting ready to run with Shoes

On this weeks podcast, we are all excited that the weather has finally turned and we can do more activities outside.  We talk about what shoes you should purchase for running, walking, or working out.  All this and more on this weeks podcast!

26 – Vegan way… Is it the wrong way or the right way?

On this weeks Podcast Tim gives an update about the challenge he is on to get down to 200 pounds. We also talk about how reach those goals can really be easy with a couple of easy life changes. We then go into talking about how Subway has come out with new Vegan meals. That in turn went into talking about if Veganism is really healthy for you. Plus we have Joe in the studio with us. All this and more on this weeks Podcast!

20 – Traveling for the Holidays can wreak havoc on your goals

Are you traveling for the holidays, or just staying home… We go over how the holidays can wreak havoc on your goals.  Plus we learn over 50% of the time you should not be listen to Dr. Oz for health.  All this and more on this weeks Podcast! Happy Holidays.

07 – Speed Walker vs. Speed Racer

In this Podcast Tim goes over his new gadget “Fitbit” and how it is helping him reach his goals of fitness and health. Thomas and Coty go over the difference between Working out vs. Training.  All of this plus lots more on this Podcast!