27 – Spring is here, so lets getting ready to run with Shoes

On this weeks podcast, we are all excited that the weather has finally turned and we can do more activities outside.  We talk about what shoes you should purchase for running, walking, or working out.  All this and more on this weeks podcast!

Stand up to Cancer

This Sunday is stand up to cancer Sunday for NASCAR. I will be watching the race in support of Sharon Betson and also making a donation in Sharon’s name. www.standup2cancer.org 

I became aware of this movement because of my love for NASCAR and knowing one of the best reporters for NASCAR Steve Byrnes is having a hard fought battle with cancer.  When I found out Sharon had breast cancer, my heart hurt as this is one of my best friends wife’s and I knew it would not be easy on Rick and the family. I did not know how to help and still don’t really besides checking in by text or letting them know I am hear for them if they need anything.  Then NASCAR and Fox Sports came up with this “I Stand Up For” campaign and I knew this is just one very small way I can show my support to the Betson family and to help find cures to cancer.


To Download and print out a I Stand Up For click the image below.


26 – Vegan way… Is it the wrong way or the right way?

On this weeks Podcast Tim gives an update about the challenge he is on to get down to 200 pounds. We also talk about how reach those goals can really be easy with a couple of easy life changes. We then go into talking about how Subway has come out with new Vegan meals. That in turn went into talking about if Veganism is really healthy for you. Plus we have Joe in the studio with us. All this and more on this weeks Podcast!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Happy Birthday to me is all I can think about today. Sure I worked 20 hours on my 31st birthday, but who cares really. I weight myself for the first time in 3 weeks and I am under 240 pounds. It might only be 239 pounds, but who cares I am still under and that is all that maters.  I can’t even remember the last time I was this light. It would have to be 6 to 8 years ago if I had to put a time frame on it.

Even with not having the best diet the last couple of weeks with the schedule I have been on everything is still going the right way.  Diet is not everything in weight loss.  I have found the best way to simply stay active and get off your butt. I can’t even stand sitting for long periods of time any more, I have even been finding myself even getting up while watching a show and doing a lap around the living room and going up and down the steps a couple of times.

All I can think of is Happy Birthday to ME, I am feeling great and happy about who I am today.