20 – Traveling for the Holidays can wreak havoc on your goals

Are you traveling for the holidays, or just staying home… We go over how the holidays can wreak havoc on your goals.  Plus we learn over 50% of the time you should not be listen to Dr. Oz for health.  All this and more on this weeks Podcast! Happy Holidays.

19 – Dr. Oz believes in Paleo… Now everyone does.

We start off the show updating everyone on Tim’s weight loss, then we dive into Dr. Oz talking about Paleo and how that changes the way people will look at it.  All this and more on this weeks Podcast.

18 – Water Weight what does it change?

After our week off for Thanksgiving break, we dive right back into talk about Tim’s weight loss and what he can do to jump start after the holiday season.  We then go into water weight and how it can give you false positives on your weight loss goals.  All this and more on this weeks podcast.

November update about me!

November is over, but I still have a long ways to go. I have personally lost another 15.6 lbs in the month of November. This puts me at a total weight lose of 54.2 lbs since September 3rd. If I keep at the pace I am on, and working just that much harder I feel I can complete my goal by September 2015 or earlier. Again, I want to thank everyone for the support and the encouragement. I love every single one of you especially Thomas, Coty, and Sarah!

16 – Life takes work so does your health, plus Nutella and Vodka!

On this Podcast we update everyone on Tim’s weight loss and how he is feeling.  Then Coty takes us into his world and talks about how everyone thinks losing weight or getting fit is going to be easy.  All this and more on this weeks Podcast!